Metal Toy soldiers

Metal Toy Soldiers

At Little Legion Toy Soldiers, we produce handcrafted metal toy soldiers that are perfect for collectors and hobbyists. We carefully construct and paint these miniature figures with incredible historical accuracy. You can get your hands on toy soldiers from the World Wars, the Zulu war, and many more moments in history.

Take a look at the gallery on our website to see high-quality photos of our creations. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the attention-to-detail and amazing workmanship. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of our fantastic metal toy soldiers, then check out our online catalogue today. You can order directly from our site, and we offer secure payments via PayPal.

Unrivalled Quality & Made In The UK
We pride ourselves on delivering quality metal toy soldiers that you can’t find anywhere else. These figures are a mere 54mm tall, and the detail on each of them is staggering. We hand paint every single item using a traditional gloss finish. This makes them look absolutely stunning and gives a nice shine to the soldiers. In fact, our metal toy soldiers have been so well-received that they’ve even made it onto TV shows such as Father Brown and various Lucy Worsley productions.

One of the reasons our toy soldiers are so excellent is that we make them all in the UK. The entire creation process takes place on our premises, and everything is done on UK soil. As a result, we can offer very affordable rates and fantastic postage speeds to residents throughout mainland UK!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, all of our metal toy soldiers arrive in presentation boxes. These boxes are exquisitely designed to both protect and showcase your figures. You can keep the figures in the box if you want, or take them out for display - the choice is up to you.

So Much Variety
We have spent years building up a collection of beautiful toy soldiers. As a result, we’re overjoyed to provide you with so much variety. We create and sell metal soldiers from so many different wars throughout history. Not only does this include the most well-known wars, but it also includes some lesser-known ones as well.

So, if you’re trying to form your own collection, and are missing toy soldiers from a few niche wars, then you might find them on our site. Take a look around, and you’ll soon see how many different options you have.

Safe & Secure Orders
All of our orders have to be paid for via PayPal. This gives you a secure method of payment and provides you with peace of mind. It’s very easy to order, you just add the items to your cart and fill out a short form. From here, you’ll see the various postal charges, and then you can proceed with the payment. It’s effortlessly simple, and your order will be confirmed within minutes.

Order Your Metal Toy Soldiers Today
All of our metal toy soldiers are incredibly popular and can sell out very fast. So, don’t waste any more time; order your toy soldiers today!

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