Toy soldiers

Toy soldiers can take us back in time, entertain us, and look fabulous while they do it. It’s therefore hardly surprising that collectors and historians alike build up sizeable armies and displays throughout their lifetimes.

Whether you’re looking to start a new collection or enhance an existing one, the 54mm toy soldiers on offer at Little Legion can make it happen. As our countless galleries show, we have fantastic collections to complete any toy soldier set. Delivered in as little as 28 days, we can undoubtedly provide additions that will send your displays soaring.

The history of toy soldiers

Anyone looking to collect quality toy soldiers might first want to consider the rich and varied history of this unique hobby. The umbrella term of ‘toy soldier’ refers to any miniature human figure that represents a combat character and is between 15-105mm tall. While the name ‘toy’ can mislead, soldiers like these have actually long been the companions and hobbies of adults.

Toy soldiers are thought to find their origins back in Ancient Egyptian times when some reports note toy soldiers or similar within Egyptian tombs. At the end of the eighteenth century, German manufacturers turned these original figures into the metal toy soldiers that collectors know and love today. William Britain then transformed even these initial processes with his idea for hollow-casting. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Why buy toy soldiers from Little Legion?

Little Legion has earnt the accolade of producing the very best totally metal 54mm toy soldiers in the United Kingdom, and it’s a title that we don’t take lightly. Every single one of the soldiers in our collections is made to the highest possible standards for customer satisfaction.

Our quality is at such a high standard that we’ve got several television appearances under our belts in shows ranging from Father Ted to Lucy Worsley’s historical documentaries.

As if that weren’t proof enough that your collection would be better off with our soldiers, every customer who orders from us can enjoy benefits such as -

Every model painted by hand
Gloss finish for longevity
Presentation boxes for safety and retention of value
100% metal construction

Collectors of the highest degree are sure to enjoy these advantages and more the moment they start browsing our collections, which range from Zulu warriors right through to Afghan wars. Whatever your area of interest; our toy soldiers are sure to meet it.

Order your Little Legion toy soldiers today

If you’re keen to delve into the rich history of metal toy soldiers, then you needn’t look any further than our order forms today. You can place an order for our top-quality toy soldiers either online, by post, over the telephone, or by email at

Orders within the UK over £160 are eligible for free postage, while overseas orders of £650 enjoy the same. Please allow at least 28 days for UK arrival, then sit back and enjoy your Little Legion toy soldiers for many years to come. 

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