Hand Painted toy soldiers

In an age of mass-produced toy soldiers, Little League is still proud to own the accolade of one of the UK's best. With totally metal constructions and hand-painted offerings, our collections appeal to some of the most serious hobbyists in this country and beyond.

Part of what makes Little League toy soldiers so impressive is their construction. As well as adhering to the metal construction first found in Germany, our soldiers are all hand-painted with gloss finishes. Unlike many factory-produced options, our hand-painted toy soldiers provide quality that any collector is guaranteed to appreciate.

How can hand-painted soldiers take your collection to the next level?

Hand-painted toy soldiers can take any collection to the next level, but you needn’t take our word for it. Collectors and suppliers across the world know that hand-painted is always the best option.

For the most part, this is due to the delicate nature of toy soldiers. By definition, a toy soldier is any human figure of a combat character measuring between 15mm-105mm. Here at Little Legion, each of our models comes in at a standard 54mm. Those are small scales, and they mean factory painting will never be good enough. Instead, hand painting with intricate brushes can help with everything from detail to neatness.

Those aren’t the only advantages, either. Collectors looking to invest can also enjoy benefits such as -

Quality finishes
Higher resale values
Increased historical accuracy
Continuity across a collection
A more impressive final product

Hand painting for historical accuracy

Hand painting works wonders for depicting historical accuracy within your collection. While every hobbyist will have different reasons for collecting in the first place, each likely have a keen interest in the historic conflicts they’re attempting to recreate.

Factory-painted toy soldiers have the downside of using garish or incorrect colours, as well as losing little historical touches on weapons and uniforms that can add real reference points. This is a significant issue in a scene that’s supposed to be accurate to the past, and it’s an issue you won’t have to deal with when you invest in hand-painted toy soldiers.

That’s because hand painting as offered by Little League provides personal care and details to every single toy soldier. What’s more, paints will be hand mixed to get colour palettes just right every time. As a testament to how historically accurate our toy soldiers are, consider that they’ve even earned a place on documentaries alongside famous historians like Lucy Worsley. The hand-painted prowess with which each is finished certainly played a part in those appearances.

Order from Little League today

If you’re looking for historical accuracy or merely a little more detail from your collections, then don’t hesitate to order our hand-painted toy soldiers today. We finish each one with a gloss coating and post them in display boxes to ensure that you never regret going down the hand-painted route. Simply take a look at our online collections today, then fill in an order form or order by email at mike.littlelegion@googlemail.com.

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